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Orthodontic Bonding & Banding Set De Bonding Band Seating Placement Remover Pliers Wire Cutters Dental Set of 13

Orthodontic Bonding & Banding Set De Bonding Band Seating Placement Remover Pliers Wire Cutters Dental Set of 13

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Orthodontic Bonding & Banding Set
Includes 13 Instruments & Sterilization Cassette

The perfect Instrument Set-up for Bonding & Banding appointments with 4 pliers and 9 Hand Instruments. Comes with a free Medium size Sterilization Cassette.

Set Includes the following 13 Instruments:
1. Crown & Band Contouring Plier
2. Separating Plier
3. Crown & Band Crimping Plier
4. Elastic Placing Mathieu Smaha
5. Band Seater & Scaler
6. Band Pusher Mershon Style
7. Direct Bond Bracket Tweezer
8. Buccal Tube Tweezer
9. Cement Spatula
10. Heat Bite Stick
11. Double Ended Explorer
12. Cotton Plier
13. Mouth Mirror

Now is the time to get rid of old worn out tools at your practice, and make your appointments more time-efficient with quality Orthodontic Instruments from MAQNSCO Dental Instruments. Every Purchase at Precision comes with an Extended 2 year warranty,
Covering you with any major or minor repairs needed to the tool for Long-term use. Spread Smiles Hassle-free with MAQNSCO Dental Instrument’s as your choice of Quality Orthodontic Instruments.

MAQNSCO Quality Orthodontic Instruments for your Practice Experience why more Orthodontists are switching to MAQNSCO Dental Instruments as their Top Choice for high quality Orthodontic Instruments. At MAQNSCO, we host a wide variety of Orthodontic
Instruments with different sizes and specifications for each tool, allowing Orthodontists to choose the Instrument’s that best serve their intended purpose.
With our Extended two year warranty, your Instruments are protected from any maintenance or repairs needed under normal use, including sharpening of any cutting Instruments. Spread smiles hassle-free and let Precision take care of your Instruments.
Stainless Steel
OEM Accepted:
Rust Free Procedure
Ultrasonic Cleaned:
Test Performed:
Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape Test
QC Test:
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